What is a Snacko

Snacko originated from the term "Snack Officer" though it has been adopted to represent a position filled by many ranks across all services. Commonly the Snacko manages the unofficial Morale, Welfare, and Recreation function of a Military Unit. Internally Snacko duties may include anything from ensuring a stocked snack bar to the planning and execution of Unit social events. The Snacko also manages the unoffical Squadron MWR funds, raising money from member dues or selling unit patches and t-shirts to raise money for things that can't be paid for with Military funds. This might cover a Unit plaque given in thanks to another visiting unit for training together, flowers for a hospitalized spouse, or any other extension of goodwill disqualified for use of official funding.

What is the Military Snacko Organization

We are a non-profit organization serving the community of Military Snackos around the world. We were the creation of Snackos tired of dealing with spreadsheets and the incontinuity of passing off from one Snacko to the next. No matter what your service branch or size of your unit the MSO can help. Leverage the Snacko community for help or reach out to us directly with your specific needs to see if we can help. All profits go back to the Snacko Community.

Our Mission

We believe that good enough isn't good enough for us. Why do things the same way because thats the way they've always been done? Our mission is to drive innovation and change in the way we do business so we can all focus on the things that life is really about.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a community where Snackos can interact with their members and connect with the public. We can't promise you'll want to be the Snacko, but we'll help make your life easier if you are. Our tools and services are designed for Snackos and members first, and always will be.